Registered Nurse's are the foundation of the Health Care Delivery system, we are the one's who advocate, coordinate and then see that care is delivered consistently.

Let my knowledge of this system WORK for you, I know what care is supposed to be provided. I review medical health records on a daily basis, I am familiar with them inside and out. As a Registered Nurse I am the one that will give you an unbiased opinion.

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About Us

Are your physicians giving you the information that you need? Are you getting value for the dollar when they assist you on your cases? Let us change that! Our variety of services will enable you to effectively represent your clients and provide the desired outcomes for your cases.

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Curriculum Vitae

As your Certified Legal Nurse Consultant I am able to analyze, review and interpret medical records differently than expert physicians. We review medical records as part of our regular daily care in the medical setting. Whether it's on a medical or surgical floor, the operating room, or an ambulatory care setting, as the registered nurse I am the one who coordinates the care of the patient.

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If you want immediate results with guaranteed quality, please do not hesitiate to reach out to me for a free consultation. My work gives you the benefit of decades of medical experience with the additional expertise that a Certified Legal Nurse Consultant. Follow this link to speak with me and find out how your cases can immediate benefit.

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