About Us

With 13 years of various nursing experience from long-term to Correctional Nursing I have provided care for a great variety of patients. I have worked in a variety of medical settings from skilled, long-term care to the operating room to corrections providing excellent assessment, planning and implementation of the nursing process. I also have excellent leadership skills, delegation, and public speaking experience. I have recently continued my education and commitment to being a lifetime student by completing a Legal Nurse Certification program. This comprehensive program covers a wide variety of core curriculum needed to function independently as a Legal Nurse Consultant, providing the foundation for successfully integrating nursing and medicine with the law.


  • Screen cases for merit
  • Organize and Paginate Medical Records
  • Review, Analyze and Interpret Medical Records
  • Provide basic or comprehensive written reports
  • Interpret standards of care, deviations and adherences
  • Chronological Time lines
  • Complex Research
  • Locate Expert Witnesses in all specialties
  • Develop Demonstrative Evidence


Great job, very useful...definitions, diagrams, summaries etc. helps quite a bit...you picked up important details of the case.

Christopher D. Curzon, Attorney - Omaha, NE

I appreciated the way you convinced me you knew inside information about CDCR and had the confidence to tell me!

Steve Kaiser, Attorney - Sacramento CA

Thanks to the nurses' work I was able to give him a good summary of the case

Martin P. Aisenberg, JD - Healthcare Litigation Support, LLC

Trying to find someone in the CDCR system to help this nurse...can you help?...Thanks so much

Lorry Schoenly, PhD, RN, CCHP

Very impressed with your work

Michael L. Lazar, Attorney - Omaha, N

Let my knowledge of this system WORK for you, I know what care is supposed to be provided. I review medical health records on a daily basis, I am familiar with them inside and out. As a Registered Nurse I am the one that will give you an unbiased opinion.