Curriculum Vitae


Consult for attorneys utilizing my Legal Nurse Certification education, excellent assessment skills, supervisory experience, oral presentation experience, and ability to work independently, meeting commitments while incorporating my various 15 years experience as a registered nurse.

Expertise & Achievements

Professional Experience

April 2006 to Present
California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation
Corcoran State Prison
Corcoran, CA
Surgical Nurse I/Staff RN

Provided pre-operative, intra-operative and post-operative care for Inmate/patients in two room Operative Suite. Including advocating, assessing, planning and providing for care with various clinical services including Urology, General Surgery and Orthopedics. Currently provide care to Chronic Infectious Disease building for 198 inmate/patients. Including Triage for the RN Nurses line as well as provide assistance for the Medical Doctor when scheduled for Doctors line.

September 2004 to April 2006
Medical Arts, Inc.
Visalia, CA
Surgical Nurse

All related duties including pre-operative, intra-operative and post-operative care utilizing my excellent assessment skills, advocating, providing and planning for the surgical experience. Services provided for Orthopedics and Plastic Surgery Physicians.

August 2004 to April 2006
Sierra View District Hospital
Porterville, CA
Surgical Nurse

All related duties of circulator. Including advocating, assessing, planning and implementation of care for the Surgical patient. Including setting up the operative room with equipment \ according to Physician preference, positioning the patient, continually monitoring the patient through out the procedure for positioning, safety-hazards and sterile technique. Circulating experience on various services including Orthopedics, Women's Health and General surgical cases.

February 2001 to December 2005
Sutter Auburn Faith Hospital
Auburn, CA
Surgical/Charge Nurse

All related duties on Surgical Floor including that of Charge Nurse for 22 bed post-op unit. Supervised 1-2 CNA's and 3-4 LVN's depending on Census. Responsible for daily staffing, administrative and quality assurance duties. Transferred patients to higher level of care i.e. ICU as needed. Chosen to participate in Operating Room Program, 6 months of both didactic training and clinical practicum. Education provided in pre-operative, intra-operative and post-operative responsibilities. Assessing, planning, implementation and education of surgical experience. Also previously worked in the Ambulatory Center before beginning studies to learn how to circulate.

May 2000 to February 2001
Enloe Medical Center
Chico, CA
Charge Nurse

Charge Nurse for 22 bed extended care unit. Responsible for 3-4 CNA's and 1 LVN. Delegated duties accordingly. Majority of patient census was status post total joint replacement and chronically ill patients. All related duties. Also participated in Critical Care Course provided by this facility. Worked as Staff Nurse on Medical/Surgical float with a team model of 1RN/1LVN and 1CNA and 8-12 patients.

June 1996 to March 1999
Lancaster Community Hospital
Lancaster, CA
Staff LVN

All related duties of staff LVN on 20 bed DOU/Telemetry Unit. Responsible for 8-12 patients with RN signing assessments. Responsible for status post cardiac catheterization patients, chronically ill patients with COPD, IDDM and Chronic Renal Failure. Also floated to Emergency Room and Medical/Surgical floor as needed to complement short staffing.

December 1995 to March 1999
Medical Specialists TemporaryPersonnel
Calabasas, CA
Registry LVN

All related duties for staff LVN for registry. Worked at various facilities through out the San Fernando Valley areas. Patients depending on facility requirements and staffing needs.

May 1984 to December 1993 Continental Airlines, Inc. Los Angeles, CA Flight Attendant

All related duties including Flight Service Manager/Purser for 5 years. Provided in-flight service on both Domestic and International Flights. Responsible for 8-14 crew members, direction of in-flight services, emergency's including Myocardial Infarction, Air sickness, minor first-aid incidents, as well as preparing the aircraft for an emergency landing or bomb scare. Problem solving related to customer service issues coordinating catering and ground-crew services as well as assisting gate agents with customer service issues. Provided public speaking assignments as well as all pre-flight, in-flight and post-flight announcements.


January 1995 to February 1999
Regent's College
Albany, NY

External Degree program . Also continued to work as LVN providing for further clinical experience and providing service for a wide variety of chronically ill population.

January 1994 to December 1994
Concorde Career Institute
North Hollywood, CA
Certificate Nursing, LVN
GPA: 3.75

Well rounded LVN certificate program with 1250 hours of clinical rotations, examinations one to one student mentoring and writing assignments


Legal Nurse Certification 2007
Member of National Alliance Certified Legal Nurses
BLS exp. 2010
ACLS exp. 2010

With 15 years of various nursing experience from Long Term to Correctional Nursing I have provided care for a great variety of patients. I have worked in a variety of medical settings from Skilled, Long term care to the Operating Room to Corrections providing excellent assessment, planning and implementation of the Nursing process.I also have excellent leadership skills, delegation and public speaking experience. I have recently continued my education and commitment to being a life time student by completing a Legal Nurse Certification program. This comprehensive program covers a wide variety of core curriculum needed to function independently as a Legal Nurse Consultant, providing the foundation for successfully integrating nursing and medicine with the law.