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With over 30 years of experience in healthcare, we offer expertise in a variety of health care disiplines, including clinical care, surgical operations, personal injury and corrections care.

Defense Medical Exam
We attend all DME/IMEs including Neuro-Psych DMEs. We are the independent, unbiased observer; we provide an audio recording and a thorough report as the eyes and ears for plaintiff counsel.
Personal Injury
Whether your client sustains a slip and fall or is involved in a motor vehicle accident we can assist with liability, damages, and causation. We know what care should be provided.
Medical Malpractice
Our experience includes: failure to rescue, failure to return to the OR, foreign body retention, unnecessary surgery, hypothermic babies, intrathecal medication errors, and physician arrival time among other various matters.
Medical Care Chronology
We establish chronologies which provide key insights and medical context to your case. Our chronologies are built from thorough examinations and assements of patient care history including medical history and risk factors.

Good thing I didn’t bet against you!

Emmanuel F. Fobi
Attorney, Law Offices of Emmanuel F. Fobi

I was so impressed how much you remembered of the case, without the record in front of you.

Vonn R. Christenson
Partner, Christenson Law Firm.

About Us

Since becoming a legal nurse in 2007, and with over 28 years of experience, including 10 years in Risk Services, Ms. Lane has personally opened 450+ cases as a corporate legal nurse. She knows defense strategy and understands that process.

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